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Canada is home to some of the best Colleges and Universities in the World. Becoming an International student of Canada supplies you with a World Recognized Degree. Being an International student in Canada opens up doors to further temporary stay such as a Work Permit or Permanent Residence.

A study permit is required for any Foreign National who wants to attend a program/course that lasts longer than 6 months. In order to be eligible to study in Canada, you are required to show the following:

  • Admission to a Designated Learning Institution 
  • Funds for tuition, living expenses and return flight
  • Good Health
  • No Criminal Record
  • Ties to your Home Country

Please note that not everyone is required to attain a Study Permit before they can study in Canada. To find out if you are exempt, contact us now and let us discuss your options!

It is essential that you apply to the right educational institution in order to be granted a study permit. If you are uncertain whether your College or University is in the list, ask us and we will be glad to tell you. At Spheric Immigration we will be happy to assist you in finding the right school for you and make sure that you meet the school criteria to be eligible for admission. It is critical to get the right education in order to achieve your dream career! Our guidance counsellors will be happy to assist with any questions or directions you many need in making the right choice for you!

Want to study in Canada but your English level is not high enough to get admitted to a college or University? Contact us now to link you to the right schools that prepare you for University Level English.

Contact us now at 416-309-8789 or fill out our Free Assessment to see which program you qualify for!